Christmas Is Almost Here!

It’s pretty crazy that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog! Lately, I’ve been looking back at old posts and trying not to crack up! They’re…interesting. I’ve been loving this week, because I feel like it’s when the Christmas Festivities kick in. We’ve already made Chewy Molasses Cookies (a tradition!) and put up our tree!

I’ve also started a new book, it’s called, “Becoming Madeleine”. It’s a biography of Madeleine L’engle (the author of A Wrinkle in Time) and it’s written by her two granddaughters. It’s really interesting and different.

New hair!!!

Ok, so ever since I was really little, I wanted to dye my hair. My color preference changed from pink to blue to purple to navy. Finally, I found a brand called Manic Panic. It’s really natural, and only $11. I’ve already tried a pink. Here’s a photo of that:

Anyway, it lasts two weeks and even works on brown hair!

Here’s the blue hair!:

Big Reveal!!!

Ok so, this is what we’ve been waiting for! (I hope) Over all, I’m not really in to scary Halloween costumes, so FINALLY, I came up with a strawberry! I tried not to make it look too costume-ish (Thank you Project Runway!) So here it is!:

So, I know the model is a little funky-looking, but I guess it’s the design that really counts. Besides, this is like one out of a million drafts (it took FOREVER). But I really like the ruffles on the costume, I think it looks really strawberry-ish.

Now, I think we should have a new vote! Let’s see….Oooh, what about Cool and Fresh or Girly and Fun. (Not that Cool and Fresh wouldn’t be).

Galaxy Gown

Here is my next sketch, (probably my favorite) I basically took a lot of purples, blues, and pinks and mixed them together. After that, I drew over it with a white colored pencil and I smudged it with my finger. It made a really cool effect that REALLY looked like a galaxy. (I would usually say the galaxy, but I just finished my space unit in science and realized there are a LOT more than one) Also, I really love the way it’s out of proportion. It looks pretty cool. Here it is!:

Sorry about all the pencil marks!

I hope you like it! Make sure to keep commenting about Halloween Costume or Edgy Outfit! (It will probably be ready around Halloween)

Design #2 Summer Dress

I know, I know I should wait for comments for edgy outfit or cool costume, but this is too fun! So this next one I imagine that the top would be red and the skirt would be a caramel color. (I would think the sunglasses would be white and I didn’t include the feet because…they just did NOT turn out. So, here it is!:

Also, please keep commenting for edgy outfit or cool costume!

Design #1: Funky Frilly

OK, so recently I’ve had an obsession with sketching outfits. I was reading a book and found some inspiration for my first sketch. So-here it is!

It really reminds me of Tiana’s friend in “The Princess and the Frog.” I don’t usually like super frilly things like this, but at the same time, it’s pink so…

Make sure to comment for my next sketch: Halloween Costume or Edgy Outfit!

Summer’s almost over ?

There’s only 15 days until school begins again. I don’t know if I’m sad or happy! Summer rushed passed me! So, to enjoy the last days, I made a bucket list:

  1. Bake something
  2. Have a movie marathon
  3. Sleep in as long as possible!
  4. Go on a walk
  5. Go to the store and buy a succulent! (my favorite)
  6. Re-decorate your room
  7. Go shoe- shopping!
  8. Paint a picture
  9. Write a letter to a family member
  10. Do yoga
  11. Start and finish a book
  12. Learn calligraphy
  13. Memorize a song
  14. Write a story
  15. Have a lemonade stand