Christmas Is Almost Here!

It’s pretty crazy that it’s been almost a year since I started this blog! Lately, I’ve been looking back at old posts and trying not to crack up! They’re…interesting. I’ve been loving this week, because I feel like it’s when the Christmas Festivities kick in. We’ve already made Chewy Molasses Cookies (a tradition!) and put up our tree!

I’ve also started a new book, it’s called, “Becoming Madeleine”. It’s a biography of Madeleine L’engle (the author of A Wrinkle in Time) and it’s written by her two granddaughters. It’s really interesting and different.

New hair!!!

Ok, so ever since I was really little, I wanted to dye my hair. My color preference changed from pink to blue to purple to navy. Finally, I found a brand called Manic Panic. It’s really natural, and only $11. I’ve already tried a pink. Here’s a photo of that:

Anyway, it lasts two weeks and even works on brown hair!

Here’s the blue hair!:

Big Reveal!!!

Ok so, this is what we’ve been waiting for! (I hope) Over all, I’m not really in to scary Halloween costumes, so FINALLY, I came up with a strawberry! I tried not to make it look too costume-ish (Thank you Project Runway!) So here it is!:

So, I know the model is a little funky-looking, but I guess it’s the design that really counts. Besides, this is like one out of a million drafts (it took FOREVER). But I really like the ruffles on the costume, I think it looks really strawberry-ish.

Now, I think we should have a new vote! Let’s see….Oooh, what about Cool and Fresh or Girly and Fun. (Not that Cool and Fresh wouldn’t be).

Galaxy Gown

Here is my next sketch, (probably my favorite) I basically took a lot of purples, blues, and pinks and mixed them together. After that, I drew over it with a white colored pencil and I smudged it with my finger. It made a really cool effect that REALLY looked like a galaxy. (I would usually say the galaxy, but I just finished my space unit in science and realized there are a LOT more than one) Also, I really love the way it’s out of proportion. It looks pretty cool. Here it is!:

Sorry about all the pencil marks!

I hope you like it! Make sure to keep commenting about Halloween Costume or Edgy Outfit! (It will probably be ready around Halloween)

Design #2 Summer Dress

I know, I know I should wait for comments for edgy outfit or cool costume, but this is too fun! So this next one I imagine that the top would be red and the skirt would be a caramel color. (I would think the sunglasses would be white and I didn’t include the feet because…they just did NOT turn out. So, here it is!:

Also, please keep commenting for edgy outfit or cool costume!

Design #1: Funky Frilly

OK, so recently I’ve had an obsession with sketching outfits. I was reading a book and found some inspiration for my first sketch. So-here it is!

It really reminds me of Tiana’s friend in “The Princess and the Frog.” I don’t usually like super frilly things like this, but at the same time, it’s pink so…

Make sure to comment for my next sketch: Halloween Costume or Edgy Outfit!

Summer’s almost over ?

There’s only 15 days until school begins again. I don’t know if I’m sad or happy! Summer rushed passed me! So, to enjoy the last days, I made a bucket list:

  1. Bake something
  2. Have a movie marathon
  3. Sleep in as long as possible!
  4. Go on a walk
  5. Go to the store and buy a succulent! (my favorite)
  6. Re-decorate your room
  7. Go shoe- shopping!
  8. Paint a picture
  9. Write a letter to a family member
  10. Do yoga
  11. Start and finish a book
  12. Learn calligraphy
  13. Memorize a song
  14. Write a story
  15. Have a lemonade stand

Spring LUSH Haul!

Hey guys,

Here are the products I got,

A few days ago, I went to the store LUSH, my favorite store ever! I got a bunch of stuff and I absolutely love it all! Since I got a lot of products, I won’t be reviewing them all, but I will still list them.

  • No Drought dry shampoo
  • Magma Bath Bomb
  • BIG Shampoo
  • Scrubee Body Butter
  • Little Pot Of Energy Lotion Bar
  • Magic Crystals Shower Scrub
  • Sea Vegetable Soap
  • Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask

I will be reviewing Scrubee, Magic Crystals, Little Pot Of Energy, and BIG.

This is Scrubee, a Body Butter and a Scrub. It smells delicious, like vanilla and cookie dough. It makes your skin feel like heaven, and it smooths it out. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a nine, just because it melts so quickly.

This is Magic Crystals, a Shower Scrub. It smells really like peppermint. It especially works to wake you up in the morning, I just don’t like how rough it is on your skin. It should be a little smoother on skin. That’s why I give it a 7.

This is BIG the shampoo, when I saw it in the store, I didn’t know how I felt about putting salt in my hair, what if it dries it out? Anyway, I wasn’t sure, so I got a sample. When I used it, I let my hair dry before going to bed. By the time I was in bed, it was so wavy! I was excited to have curly hair the next day! That’s why I give it a 10 out of 10.

Over all, I LOVE LUSH. They have the best products and I love all of them!

What exactly is Bullet Journaling?

Some people know about Bullet Journaling, some don’t. In my opinion, it’s like THE BEST THING EVER! Bullet Journaling Isn’t all about decorating a piece of dotted paper and never going back to it. Actually you do the opposite, every day you go back to the same page and log your mood, habits and goals.

Top Five Roller Coasters In Florida!


I’m so excited that I just got back from Hollywood Studios and rode Rockin’ Rollercoaster! It was so much fun! At first I was about to yell, “Stop the ride!” like my brother a couple of years ago. On a ride that only went like four feet in the air, long story. Well, I thought I would write about my top five favorite rollercoasters!

5. Expedition Everest. It’s at Animal Kingdom and is definitely a great ride. Although it isn’t that scary, it’s really fun. Definitely family friendly. The story is also pretty cool, but I won’t spoil it for anyone!

4. Splash Mountain. It’s at Magic Kingdom, and definitely has a great story. This ride really cranks up the scariness a lot, but not too much. It has about three drops, two when you don’t expect them, but it’s awesome!

3. Big Thunder Mountain, yet again Magic Kingdom, but it’s great! This ride isn’t scary at all in my opinion. The only thing is all the twisting and turning, can make your stomach sick.

2. Revenge Of The Mummy at Universal was my all time favorite ride at one point. I totally LOVE it! There are no inversions, but going backwards creates an illusion that feels like it. The ride is really scary and includes drops and rapid turn, but I totally love it!

1.Rockin Roller Coaster! I absolutely love this ride. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it includes three inversions (two loops and one corkscrew). This ride is definitely worth the wait, but it’s pretty scary! I loved it so much, I had to ride it twice in a row. Once without waiting! 🙂