What exactly is Bullet Journaling?

Some people know about Bullet Journaling, some don’t. In my opinion, it’s like THE BEST THING EVER! Bullet Journaling Isn’t all about decorating a piece of dotted paper and never going back to it. Actually you do the opposite, every day you go back to the same page and log your mood, habits and goals.

Top Five Roller Coasters In Florida!


I’m so excited that I just got back from Hollywood Studios and rode Rockin’ Rollercoaster! It was so much fun! At first I was about to yell, “Stop the ride!” like my brother a couple of years ago. On a ride that only went like four feet in the air, long story. Well, I thought I would write about my top five favorite rollercoasters!

5. Expedition Everest. It’s at Animal Kingdom and is definitely a great ride. Although it isn’t that scary, it’s really fun. Definitely family friendly. The story is also pretty cool, but I won’t spoil it for anyone!

4. Splash Mountain. It’s at Magic Kingdom, and definitely has a great story. This ride really cranks up the scariness a lot, but not too much. It has about three drops, two when you don’t expect them, but it’s awesome!

3. Big Thunder Mountain, yet again Magic Kingdom, but it’s great! This ride isn’t scary at all in my opinion. The only thing is all the twisting and turning, can make your stomach sick.

2. Revenge Of The Mummy at Universal was my all time favorite ride at one point. I totally LOVE it! There are no inversions, but going backwards creates an illusion that feels like it. The ride is really scary and includes drops and rapid turn, but I totally love it!

1.Rockin Roller Coaster! I absolutely love this ride. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it includes three inversions (two loops and one corkscrew). This ride is definitely worth the wait, but it’s pretty scary! I loved it so much, I had to ride it twice in a row. Once without waiting! 🙂

AGT Champions!

Hi! ,

I can’t believe that AGT Campions is finally here! Me and my family loved watching America’s Got Talent, and are so excited for the champions! Personally, I want Preacher Lawson the comedian to win, and so glad he made it through the first round! 🙂 If you want, put down who you want to win, in the comments!

Peanut update!

Hi guys,

Peanut is doing great! His new owner is treating him very well! She is working on training him to stop barking. Peanut is probably permanently attached to his new partner. He loves to sit on her lap and snuggle. His new owner takes him on walks about five times a day and he loves it! Of course we miss Peanut, but he loves his new home!

D.I.Y. squishy makeover!

Hey guys,

Recently I have been very obsessed with squishy makeovers, by Moriah Elizabeth. She takes the damaged squishy, and fixes it with glue and paint. I’m sure I don’t have the technique mastered, but I gave it a try. Here’s what you need:

  • blue, pink and purple paint.
  • a dog emoji squishy.
  • paint brushes, (I used smaller ones).

Sorry, don’t pay attention to the white!

First I started with one coat of blue, let that dry and then I added another blue coat.

After the final blue coat used the end of my brush and dipped it in purple and pink paint to create polka dots. After that I made the eyes pink.

Here’s the finished product!

This project worked pretty well for me, although, I did find that puffy paint works a lot better if you ever want to try this!

Happy New Year!

Hi friends,

Its almost that time for a new years resolution! On New Years I love to watch the Ball drop in Time Square. I go crazy on ice cream, brownies and pizza. To me, New Years is a great way to um, well, have an excuse to eat junk food, stay up late and watch TV!